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How it Works

Customer places order

Customers download the Prime Now app, enter their ZIP Code, and browse a curated selection of top-rated restaurants that deliver to their area.

Restaurant prepares food

When a customer places an order, the restaurant and a delivery person are immediately notified. The restaurant accepts the order and prepares the food.

Amazon delivers the food
Get Customers and Get Paid

Amazon picks up the order at the restaurant and packs it in an insulated bag. Orders are delivered in 1 hour or less with an average delivery time of 39 minutes.


What is Amazon Prime Now?
Amazon Prime Now is a benefit of Amazon Prime. Prime members can download an app and place orders for fast, one-hour or two-hour delivery of tens of thousands of daily essentials and gift items in select ZIP Codes. Restaurant Delivery is offered on the Prime Now app.

Do customers have to be Prime members to order from Prime Now restaurants?
Yes, but anyone can sign up for a free 30-day trial at

Is restaurant delivery available in every ZIP Code where Prime Now delivers?
No. Restaurant delivery is available in select ZIP Codes where Prime Now is available. Customers can download the Prime Now app or visit to enter their ZIP Code and see if Prime Now is available in their area. In ZIP Codes where restaurant delivery is available, customers will see Restaurants on the home page.

What equipment do I need to take orders?
You need a Kindle, which we provide at no charge. The Kindle comes pre-loaded with our merchant app which makes it easy to accept, cancel, and refund orders. All you need is Wi-Fi to get it up and running.

Will you train me how to use the app?
Yes. We will show you how to use the merchant app and send you test orders. You can also send your own test orders to train members of your staff with just a few taps.

How do you promote my restaurant?
All over! We feature your restaurant profile in the app, and we highlight special ordering sections like “Good for Lunch” and “Popular Restaurants.” We also promote our restaurants in customer emails, press releases, social media posts, ads, and direct mail postcards that highlight our $10 discount on first-time orders and free delivery for a limited time.

What Our Restaurants Are Saying

  • Meghan Dwyer, brand marketing manager, Umami Restaurant Group, Los Angeles
    Meghan Dwyer, brand marketing manager, Umami Restaurant Group, Los Angeles
    Amazon has been an amazing partner to work with – from providing our restaurant teams in-depth training on the platform, to providing real time troubleshooting.
  • Roz Edison, co-owner, Marination Station, Seattle
    Roz Edison, co-owner, Marination Station, Seattle
    The Amazon Prime platform has allowed us to expose even more people to Marination Station and allowed us to offer the convenience of delivery on demand.


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