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Amazon Destinations
for Hoteliers

Amazon Destinations helps hotel operators reach millions of Amazon customers looking to book their next getaway. You can provide access to your everyday rates and availability, along with packaged deals and discounts.

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Amazon Local for Merchants

Amazon Local is a growing marketplace of businesses promoting everything from daily deals to unique experiences. We help your business grow and thrive by connecting you with Amazon customers.

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Amazon Customers
Reach Customers

Every month, Amazon visitors spend 88% more money online than the average Internet user and make over $22 billion in offline purchases.1 These are customers you want.

Amazon Service
Excellent Service

Amazon is ranked #1 in Customer Service and #1 in Customer Satisfaction.2 Our dedicated support team is just a phone call or email away.

Amazon Brand
Amazon Brand

Amazon is the #1 most reputable brand in the US.3 Imagine your company's name alongside the trusted brand of Amazon.

1 Nielsen Homescan Online, Q4 2011
2 2012, ForeSee Spring 2012 Top 100 Online Retail Satisfaction Index
3 Harris Interactive Poll USA Summary Report, February 2013


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